Privacy policy & Terms of service of SettInnTekst

About SettInnTekst

SettInnTekst is a script used in Google Documents, written by Ingeborg Altern. Information of how to use it may be read at my blog and webpage (Norwegian) :

The purpose of SettInnTekst is to use data from a Google Sheet workbook called "saksliste" to create documents for the agenda (innkalling) and minutes (referat).

It is developed for Vardåsen FAU (PTA of Vardåsen school) and may be used by all organization that find it useful.

To use SettInnTekst:

  1. Make a folder in your Google drive for the agendas and the minutes.
  2. Make a Google Docs file there.
  3. If not used before: add the add-on SettInnTekst.
  4. Open the rigth column: Add-on > SettInnTekst > Vis sidespalte
  5. From the right column:
    1. Make a copy of saksliste if you don't have one in the folder.
    2. Update info about the files
  6. Add meeting informastion to saksliste.
    1. In Docs column: Put in the meeting number and make 'innkalling' or referat.
  7. Insert TOC and proofread.
    1. Make PDF and distribute that file.

What the script does:

  1. Check the folder and the Spreadsheet.
  2. innkalling/referat/protokoll:
    1. Ask for a meeting number.
    2. Opens the sheet and collects the data corresponding to the meeting number.
    3. Inserts the data into the document and formats the text.
  3. Lagre som pdf, (lagre): Creates a pdf of the document, to be sent out to the meeting's participants.

Please be patient while the script is running.

Privacy policy

By using SettInnTekst you allow the script to create new documents on your behalf in the folder you decide. And you allow it to access the sheet saksliste and collect the data from the sheet.

You control yourself the folder and the sheet that the script access, it's the folder where your document is located. .

SettInnTekst will not access anything else on your Google drive.

Terms of service

By using SettInnTekst you agree to not misuse the app or any information in it.

It’s not to be used in other ways than described above.

I, the developer, am noe responsible for any problemns this add-on may create.