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The add-on SettInnTekst for Google Docs

This add-on helps you with all the paperwork regarding meetings, using Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet. All the data is in the spreadsheet. Google Docs retrieved the information from the spreadsheet and within a minute you have the agenda (innkalling) or different kinds of minutes (referat) ready for distribution.

The add-on is written for Scandinavian users and the documentation is in Norwegian.

How to use

Please read the privacy policy and the Norwegian tutorial for details.

  1. Log into your Google Drive account: Sign in with Google

    Sign in with Google

  2. Open or create a Google Document
  3. On the Add-on-menu, click Get add-on
  4. Search for SettInnTekst and click the blue free/gratis-button.

Questions? Please add a comment in my blog-post.


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